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De Kromme Haring - Thomaxolotl

De Kromme Haring - Thomaxolotl

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Smoked Cherry Porter

Here we encounter the fabled Thomaxolotl. He is a kind and friendly animal who announces his arrival with a jangly sound.

Once we are within sight his courtship ritual begins – watch for excited arm waving, giant gleaming smiles, waggly finger pointing, and persistent presentation of the thumbs-up. He sets about filling his nest with delicious drinks, the finest foods, friendly people and calming vibes, to a soundtrack of his infectious laughter.

Now that we are sated the Thomaxolotl must move on. We will miss him dearly but we will remain grateful for all that he has brought us. Thank you Thomaxolotl for your hard work and dedication. We hope you will visit often so that we may reciprocate your kindness.


Bierstijl: Porter

Alcoholpercentage: 6,5%

Land: Dutch/Nederland

Inhoud: 330ml

Allergenen: Gluten, Steenvruchten