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Moersleutel - Barcode Red&Blue

Moersleutel - Barcode Red&Blue

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Thirteen months ago, our friend from Lervig visited the brewery to fill barrels together.

The base beer that went into the barrels was actually the thickest brew we've ever made. This exquisitely thick elixir has been nurtured and matured for thirteen months within the sacred confines of Middleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey barrels,
transforming it into a masterpiece of unparalleled depth and character.

With each velvety sip, the whispers of rich Irish whiskey dance harmoniously with the robust dark malt profile, creating an experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Bierstijl: Stout

Alcoholpercentage: 14,0%

Land: Dutch/Nederlands

Inhoud: 440ml

Allergenen: Gluten