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Pulfer Brewery - Smoothiesh: What Do Sharks Do For Fun?

Pulfer Brewery - Smoothiesh: What Do Sharks Do For Fun?

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It's time for another #smoothiesh sour from Smoothiesh sour series!

Summer is just around a corner - it's perfect time for delicious sourness!

Again, dad's joke is here and this time Mr.Pimp the Doplphin asked a question: "What do sharks do for fun?"

Crazy amount of fruit is present again, we could say it is a tropical bomb, guys. Yammmy!
Passion fruit with apricots and orange is a crazy fruit combination, true sour kick to refresh those hot days. And vanilla for true pastry twist. Delicious!

This is why we brew!

Contains real unfermented fruit. Drink fresh. Don't age. Store in refrigerator.
Gently rotate can few times before you open it for full experince.

Bierstijl: Sour/Smoothie

Alcoholpercentage: 5,5%

Land: Kroatie

Inhoud: 500ml

Allergenen: Gluten