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Moersleutel - Crank The Spring

Moersleutel - Crank The Spring

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Last year, we brewed an IPA to celebrate the beginning of spring. You guys seemed to love it too, so we decided to brew a new one!

Crank the Spring is an homage to the slow return of the sunlight and the blossoming of new flowers. We’ve taken our beloved Crank the Juice recipe and made a few tweaks. In this special edition, we’ve swapped out some hops and added Sabro, infusing the brew with an almost minty freshness.

Where our classic Crank the Juice is reminding us of sweet refreshing watermelon, this Crank the Spring captures the springtime floral essence. Just what we needed.
Cheers to the changing seasons!

Bierstijl: IPA

Alcoholpercentage: 6,0%

Land: Dutch/Nederlands

Inhoud: 440ml

Allergenen: Gluten