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Moersleutel - Extravagant Truffle Chocolate Stout

Moersleutel - Extravagant Truffle Chocolate Stout

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Following Mark of Krak Chocolade’s visit to our brewery, his custom-roasted and blended cocoa has taken our rye and caramel heavy stout to new heights. Fermented with Belgian ale yeast, it complements both the beer and cocoa's fruity aromas.

Mark has roasted and selected four cocoa beans for this beer:
São Tomé beans, Belize Peini beans, Cuba Baracoa beans and Madagascar Mava Ottange beans.
A beautiful blend of a strong-bodied chocolate base harmonizing with red fruit, spice, honey and earthy notes. Meanwhile giving depth with a bit of tropical soft fruits and a daring leathery finish. Amazing what cocoa can do.

So, how do these cocoa beans blend with the beer? You’re getting a heavy-bodied caramel stout showcasing the best in craft chocolate, with notes of red fruit, roasted chocolate, cream, and honey. Embark on a decadent flavor journey with every sip. Cheers!

Bierstijl: Stout

Alcoholpercentage: 13,0%

Land: Dutch/Nederlands

Inhoud: 440ml

Allergenen: Gluten