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Moersleutel - Water

Moersleutel - Water

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The first of our new non-adjuncts Elemental series this year is Water, our extraordinary 6-grain dark barley wine.

The magic begins in the brewing process with spelt and rye, weaving a super thick mouthfeel, while wheat adds a delightful bread-like quality. Emmer, the ancient ancestor of spelt and wheat, shares its unique flavor. Oats contribute a luxurious, silky mouthfeel to the beer. And, of course, barley forms a base layer of malt, toffee, and molasses. Finally, the addition of a touch of cassonade sugar enhances the complexity, complementing notes of dried red fruits. Discover rich caramel and bready notes, and explore the influence of each grain.

Fermented with a yeast that whispers hints of pear and red apple, the fruitiness emerges organically from the grains and yeast, as hops take a backseat to the flavorful journey. The result is a full-bodied, moderately sweet barley wine with delightful fruit hints.

Water is more than just a barley wine; it's a sweet symphony of grains and layered flavors, a testament to our love for the craft. Cheers!

Bierstijl: Barleywine

Alcoholpercentage: 11,0%

Land: Dutch/Nederlands

Inhoud: 440ml

Allergenen: Gluten